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Thanks for showing an interest in our site. We are located in Billingsley, Alabama far out in the country. My name is Michelle, and I have loved Danes all my life. I have raised Danes since 1992 and enjoy the Gentle Giants of the dog world. There is nothing more enduring than a Great Dane looking at you with those trusting eyes, and prancing ready to play. The next great thing, is seeing one go to a happy nurturing home.


.: About us

My Husband (Ron) and I have been Great Dane Breeders for over 18 years. Myself having been in Management most of my life, and Ron being a former Police Officer. We love animals of all types. We take in rescue animals when we can and love treating them. Anything from endangered Hawks, to O'Possums. We are animal lovers at heart.

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.: Our mission

To provide quality companions for Great Dane lovers. We believe in quality not quantity, that is why we only breed 1 to 2 littters per year. We will be expanding our Kennels soon, and hope to add 1 to 2 more females to our family of fur-kids. We enjoy raising the pups and seeing that they find someone that will love them as we love them. We live in the country and have plenty of room for them to romp and play to get exercise. The pups are kept in a 10 foot by 12 foot building bought just for them which is finished and insulated. Heated and Cooled for their comfort. Spoiled? Yes, very. The Parents are kept close by the pups housing and the mother stays with the pups for as long as possible until they are weaned. We believe that a balanced well tempered Parental Pair make for a quality newborn, with good temperament.

.: Thank You!

It is with great sadness, that Castlekeepdanes is no longer Breeding. Due to health issues we just can't do the physical part any longer. We have lived and loved through some wonderful litters here at Castlekeepdanes. We have made wonderful friends all over the United States. If we ever decide to return, we will be found here. Thank you all for your patronage, and support, through the years!
Thanks, Ron and Michelle

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