"In a poem, we can be anyone, or anything we wish" Ron Walker

Poems and Prose: Written by me, Most all of the poems were inspired by actual experiences. Some of them were written at the request of others based on their experiences. I wrote my first short story "Watcher" in 1982. I wrote nothing else until 1996 "Her Knight". In 1996 "Dark Angel" was written for Michelle, I have been adding to the file ever since.

Usage Permission: If you would like to use them for personal use, or to share with others, just ensure that my name is on the bottom for copyright.
No poems on this page may be used or reproduced in any form for profit.

A special thanks to Dr. Mike Darnell and his lovely wife Sue, whom I am fortunate to call my friends, for having them printed in book form for me in 2003.

Motor Officers Poem
Help me become known as the Original Author of "Motor Officers". I am honored that so many have used it to pay respects to their fellow officers and loved ones. Unfortunately it has become known as "Author Unknown". It's not out of Ego that I ask my name to be used, but as a last link to a life of riding as an Officer that I loved so much.

Thanks, Ronald Walker Billingsley, Al.

Here is a brief history of many of the poems.

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